Home Care Package Provider in Sydney

The allocation of funds known as Home Care Package allows for you to purchase some care services so that you can increase the level of comfort of your lives at home. We offer a wide range of services in the form of care packages for you and your loved ones. The various options of packages to choose from is what makes us one of the best home care provider in Sydney.

Home Care Packages in Sydney

There are four levels of home care packages that are available are as follows:

Level One: Support with basic care needs

Level Two: Support with low-level care needs

Level Three: Support with intermediate care needs

Level Four: Support with high-level care needs.

Services Offered by us, the best home care providers in Sydney:

The services that are included in the home care packages are, but not limited to, as follow:

Household Tasks and Cleaning: Our professional and courteous staff would take care of all the cleaning activities such as wiping cupboards and benchtops, vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning out bathrooms and spring cleaning the house.

Laundry: We will wash the laundry in the house or send it out to the laundry centers and have the laundry returned to you clean to be used. We also offer assistance in making the beds etc.

Preparation of Meals: Get prepared meals delivered to you or have us prepare them in-house. A coach is also available to guide you towards healthier eating advice etc.

Home Nursing and Personal Care: Get a hand in personal care which includes, showering, grooming, and dressing. Get professional medical care at your home too.

Home Modifications: Modify and upgrade your house to meet your needs. The modifications can include handrails, doorway widening, and other such modifications.

Handyman and Gardening Jobs: We will offer assistance in lawn mowing, gardening, changing light bulbs, trimming shrubs, etc.

Mobility and Medical Equipment: We can help you in living independently through the usage of wheelchairs, scooters, shower equipment, and bathroom equipment, etc.

Meeting Friends or Going Shopping: We have transportation options and social outing services through which you can meet up with friends and family members and catch up on what you have missed. You can go for lunch, attend your appointments, and go shopping, etc.