Disability Support Services in Sydney

We provide disability support services in Sydney to hundreds of people all across the city of Australia. We can assist you in many ways such as giving you a hand in shifting out of your home or seeking employment. We can make it all possible together!
Our disability support services in Sydney offer a lot of varying services as stated below:

  • Accommodation Support
  • Community, Recreation and Social
  • Clinical and Therapy Supports
  • Employment Supports
  • Children Support

Accommodation Support

It gives them a place to call home with stability and also gives them a chance to make new friends. Everyone deserves to have a place they can call home and feel completely comfortable in. Reliable Nursing offer a range of different options to cater to individual demands.
Supported Independent Living or SIL is where you live with some 2 to 7 other individuals, so you share your accommodations with them. The individuals that live in SIL also have assigned tasks that they get on a daily basis such as cooking, cleaning and helping others with personal care. This is usually perfect for those individuals who have a difficulty living on their own.

We offer the SIL services for whole days as well as for some hours of the day, whichever suits an individual. We fulfill their needs ranging from simple ones to complex ones. The SIL can help one make new friends, stay safe and healthy, learn new skill sets, be part f different activities and also be a part of different daily household routines and tasks.

We also have a drop-in disability support services in Sydney where the worker comes and lends a hand in your daily tasks, ranging from cleaning, cooking, personal care, and shopping, etc. This can also range from several hours a day to just an hour per week. We also give assistance to individuals who require specialist accommodation. We provide a wide range of different services which is offered to individuals with very high needs. We also give accommodation to disabled individuals during times of emergencies or crises. These can range from natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and fires to domestic cases of violence.

Community, Recreation and Social

This can involve things such as acquiring new living skills, feeling more involved in the community, getting to know new faces and most of all, having fun. One can join a gym, a team or simply learn to surf or dance. They can also join social activities and simply hang out with new friends at BBQs, local events or simply catch a movie together. They can even try out for new hobbies such as arts and crafts like painting and music related activities. They can even acquire news skill sets such as learn some money skills, budgeting, cooking, learning about road safety, etc.

Clinical and Therapy Supports

These services have been specially designed by keeping in mind the complex requirements that some adults and children need. These range from psychiatric disabilities and autism. Our occupational therapy helps people in learning new skills and also developing new ways to manage their everyday needs. We help an individual in completing their daily tasks such as dressing up, preparing their meals, and learning to write, etc. We also help them acquire motor skills including strength, balance, endurance, and coordination.

We also help people out using speech pathology which is designed for people who face difficulties while communicating. In line with this, we also help them in swallowing and eating too. We teach them how to manage choking, coughing and gagging. We help them in communicating with others, listening correctly, understanding difficult words, being understood correctly, etc. We also target to increase their social skills as well such as making new friendships and maintaining them, developing confidence, and communicating properly.

Employment Supports

With this support, one can acquire new job skills, add to their experience and also seek out a proper job. With the new jobs, they can easily make new friends and earn money at the same time. This would definitely take them towards independence.

Children Disability Support Services in Sydney

Children with disabilities can learn a lot when provided the support at the right times. Ranging from childhood to their teenage years our various supports can make them more independent. Early childhood intervention can have a difference-making impact on a child’s life if done at the right time. The different activities that we carry out can help a child ease into other children and also strike up new friendships. We have several various activities including trips to the parks, BBQs, dancing, indoor games, and music groups, etc. We even plan to get away for a few days in the form of holidays camps.

Same as for the adults, we provide occupational therapy, speech pathology and behavioral support for the children as well.